The Margaret Sanger Papers

SERIES I (Subseries 1 - Correspondence) MSP #104419
Leonard D. Abbott, Free Speech League; Letter to [Margaret] Sanger
May 1, 1915 [New York, NY], 2 page(s).
Permission to reproduce in any form must be obtained from:
Library of Congress, Manuscript Division. Collection: Margaret Sanger Papers.
NOTE(s): Typed Letter Signed.
Interlineation on page 2 by Leonard Abbott. For Sanger's articles in The Modern School see 3:4, Articles and Speeches, "Portet and Ferrer, Part I" December 1916 <302119>; "Part II", January 1917 <302120>; and February 1917 <302090>. For Family Limitation see <238157>; for English Methods Of Birth Control see <236708>.

References: Lorenzo Portet; William Sanger; Gilbert E. Roe; Ferrer Schools.

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