The Margaret Sanger Papers

SERIES III (Subseries 4 - Writings) MSP #308393
Publications Edited by Margaret Sanger
The Woman Rebel, Vol. 1, No. 4
June 1914 New York, [NY], 8 page(s).
The Woman Rebel Collection: 1914.
NOTE(s): Printed document.

References: Mary Wollstonecraft; John Stuart Mill; Emmeline Pankhurst; Christabel Pankhurst; Annie Kenney; Thomas Malthus; Harald Hoeffding; Knut Wicksall; Charles Bradlaugh; Annie Besant; Reginald Wright Kaufman; Ellen Key; Caroline Nelson; Max Nordau; Olive Schreiner; Helen Keller; Emma Goldman; Dorothy Dix; Beatrice Fairfax; Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Edmond McKenna; Lily Gair Wilkinson; Mary Austin; Alixe Humane; Bella Yollis; Edward M. Morgan; Anne H. Wilcox; Katherine Vogel; Mary Minora.

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