The Margaret Sanger Papers

SERIES III (Subseries 4 - Writings) MSP #308396
Publications Edited by Margaret Sanger
The Woman Rebel, Vol. 1, No. 1
March 1914 New York, [NY], 8 page(s).
The Woman Rebel Collection: 1914.
NOTE(s): Printed document.
Margin note by Margaret Sanger.

References: Marion Howard; Elizabeth Kleen; Voltarine de Clayre; Louise Michel; Emma Goldman; Elizabeth Gurley Flynn; Dorothy Kelly; Theresa Billington Grieg; Olive Schreiner; George Sand; Rheta Childe Dorr; Henrietta Rodman; George Eliot; Henry Lewes; Benita Locke; David Lloyd-George; Catherine Holt; Frank Tannenbaum; J. Edward Morgan; Nora Mann; Mary Wollstonecraft; John Milton; Alexander Pope; William Shakespeare; Edmund Burke; Marie Antoinette; Anthony Comstock; Mary Godwin Shelley; Cleopatra; Ptolemaois the Avlitis; Ptolemaois XII; Julius Caesar; Mark Anthony; Octavius; Loison Chambray; Richard Carlyle; Louis XVI; Gussie Miller; Floyd Dell; Jean Marestan; Industrial Workers of the World.

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