The Margaret Sanger Papers

SERIES III (Subseries 3 - Legal/Government) MSP #309044
State of NY v. William Sanger
Jailed For Birth Control: The Trial of William Sanger. James Waldo Fawcett, ed., N.Y.: Birth Control Review, 1917
September 10, 1915 [New York, NY] , 14 page(s).
Permission to reproduce in any form must be obtained from:
State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Collection: Ralph Ginzburg Papers.
NOTE(s): Printed document.
For 1919 version of What Every Girl Should Know, see 3:4, Manuscripts and Books, <305172>; for What Every Mother Should Know see 1:4, Pamphlets, 1914, <156000>; for copy of Family Limitation, see <238157>.

References: William Sanger; Charles A. Bamberger; Anthony Comstock; Mr. Heller; Torquemada; Loyola; Alexander Berkman; Elizabeth Gurley Flynn; Leonard D. Abbott; Carlo Tresca; Marie Yuster; Samuel D. Abbott; Gertrude Minturn Pinchot; James J. McInerney; Arthur C. Salmon; Henry W. Herbert.

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