The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Colonel Thomas Farmer


Our number of Troops from Hillsborough District being noways Compleat, Have Ordered a Capt & Leut to Collect the Guard you appd out of the Delinquents.[1]
The Troops under my Command Concist of about 310 Including Officers Soldiers & Wagoners. We have Seven Wagons, Two Thousand four Hundred Cartridges[,] Two Hundred & forty Muskets, One Hundred & Thirty Eight Bayonets, One Hundred & fifteen C[artridge] Boxes[,] forty nine Knap Sacks, Thirty five Pots, Twelve axes and Thirty-six flints. We Expected to be furnished with flints at this post, & all other Articles Sutable for Camp, but Cannot. Have Sent to Gen l Davidson for flints & his Answer is also Doubtfull, Concerning them.[2]
Have recd Ord[e]rs from Gen l Davidson to Joyn him as Quick as possible. Shall March at 12 OClock to day to Joyn him. Am Sir, with Respect

yr Hb l Servt

Thos Farmer

Autograph letter signed (MiU-C).
    [1.] NG's orders concerning the guard are in his letter to Farmer of 16 January (PGNG, 7: 129-130).
    [2.] This list of equipment was presumably what a "typical" militia unit in the South might bring into the field. As seen by Gen. William L. Davidson's letter of 24 January (PGNG, 7: 188-189), Davidson lacked flints for his own command.