The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To Samuel Huntington, President Of The Continental Congress.

Encloses correspondence with Lord Cornwallis, who desires to have "his authentic order published." Congress should decide "how far" that request "may be complied with."[1] Acknowledges Huntington's letters of 6 December 1780 and 2 January 1781.
Letter signed (PCC, item 155, vol. 1: 513, DNA) 1 p.
    [1.] NG sent copies of Cornwallis to Gates, 1 December 1780 (PGNG, 6: 514); NG to Cornwallis, 17 December 1780 (ibid., pp. 591-92); and Cornwallis to NG, 27 December 1780 (PGNG, 7: 5-6). In the last of these, Cornwallis had requested publication of the order, which dealt with British treatment of prisoners and supporters of the American cause. (For more on the order, see PGNG, 6: 593n.) Congress apparently did nothing about the request.