The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To General Francis Marion.

Gives a detailed account of the American victory at Cowpens.[1] Asks Marion to inform Col. [Henry] Lee, whom NG does not have time to write. If Lee has not attacked Georgetown, NG wants him to "privately transmit" news of Cowpens "to the Garison."[2]
Draft (MiU-C) 2 pp.
    [1.] On the battle of Cowpens, see Morgan to NG, 19 January (PGNG, 7: 152-161).
    [2.] Lee and Marion attacked Georgetown on 24 January, before NG's letter could have arrived. (See Lee to NG, second letter of 25 January, PGNG, 7: 197-199) On 25 January, Nisbet Balfour, the British commandant at Charleston, sent George Campbell, the British commander at Georgetown, the "earliest information" of Cowpens so that Campbell could "guard against any bad consequences." (PRO 30/11/109)