The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Lieutenant William Pendergast,

A bridge over Thompson's Creek blew down in "Yesterday's Storm," preventing the shipment of eighty bushels of meal to the army and making future shipments from Rodger's Mill "uncertain." The small fatigue party at the mill "cannot prepare corn sufficient to keep the Mill in employ" or protect it against "a parcel of lurking Fellows," who "do a great deal of mischief." Asks for seven additional men.[2] Adds in a postscript that the creek is so high that he cannot get to camp. Says there is a supply of corn within two miles of the mill, which he will attempt "to get hauled to day, altho' the Roads are excessive bad.
ALS (MiU-C) 3 pp.
    [1.] From Pendergast's description, Rodger's Mill was in Chesterfield County, a short distance across the Pee Dee from the army's camp.
    [2.] NG's reply has not been found.