The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Louis L. Duportail,

Arrived "here" yesterday. Reports that nothing important has happened since the last express, and the letters that accompany this will give all the news.[1] Baron Steuben is away; Duportail turned NG's letters over to Steuben's aide, who will "send them immediately."[2] Duportail is concerned because he remembers NG giving him two letters for Washington and he can find only one. Fears his servant may have thrown the other one out; has "great apprehension that letter Contains something important and it falls in bad hands." Asks NG to inform him if there was one letter or two.[3] Hopes to see the governor in Richmond and to "execute" NG's orders. [4]
Autograph letter signed (NNPM) 1 p.
    [1.] It is not known what letters accompanied Duportail's.
    [2.] Duportail undoubtedly carried NG's two letters to Steuben of 7 January and possibly that of 13 January (PGNG, 7: 68-70, 109-111).
    [3.] From what NG wrote to Washington, Duportail was carrying three letters for Washington: one of 11 January and two dated 13 January. From Washington's letter to NG of 27 February (PGNG, 7: 363-366), it appears that he received all three.
    [4.] It is not known what NG's orders were or whether Duportail met with Gov. Thomas Jefferson.