The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To Major Edward Giles

Authorizes Giles to impress any horses he needs "to take the dispatches to Phila in the shortest space of time."[1] He is to give certificates for the value of the mounts; if he does not come back immediately, "some person coming to the Southward" should return them to their owners.[2]
Draft (MiU-C) 2 pp.
    [1.] Giles carried the official report of the victory at Cowpens to Congress. (On the battle, see Morgan to NG, 19 January, PGNG, 7: 152-161.) Despite the effort to hurry on the news, a member of the French expeditionary force in Newport, R.I., observed: "Although this news reaches us by an extraordinary courier, we do not receive it until a month after the event." (Blanchard, Journal, p. 90)
    [2.] Giles did not go back to the Southern Army after his mission to Congress. He returned to his home state of Maryland, where he spent the remainder of the war as an aide to Gen. William Smallwood. (See Giles to Thomas Sim Lee, 13 May, Archives of Md., 47: 122; Steuart, Maryland Line, p. 85.)