The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Lieutenants Samuel Jones And Tarpley White,[1]

They request "a certificate" of their resignations; enclose "the only Vouchers" they can obtain to prove they "are not indebted to the States."[2] This "probably will be the last favour" they ask, and they "flatter" themselves that NG will grant it.[3]
Autograph letter signed (MiU-C) 1 p.
    [1.] Both men were Virginia Continental officers, but there is some question as to their rank. In the voucher they enclosed, a fellow officer in their regiment called them captains. NG, however, on the draft of his reply (PGNG, 7: 194), put "Lt" in front of their names. The docketing on both this letter and NG's draft also lists them as lieutenants. The editors have therefore chosen to designate them by that rank.
    [2.] Jones and White enclosed a certificate signed by their regimental quartermaster. (MiU-C)
    [3.] NG's reply is at PGNG, 7: 194.