The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Colonel Alexander Martin Of The North Carolina Board Of War,

Received NG's letter of 17 January. The board regrets that the army has not been provided with adequate salt supplies and has directed Col. [Nicholas] Long to send wagons to New Bern for salt, rum, and "other Necessaries."[1] Is surprised that Mr. [Thomas] Amis has not "attended" NG, as the board ordered. Col. [William R.] Davie, however, will soon "be with" NG, "possessed with the Powers" that NG recommended. Davie will have warrants that the board obtained for him, which will enable him to "carry into Effect" his appointment.[2] The board assumed that the governor had informed NG about the militia drafts; he ordered them before the board met. The Assembly, which was "convened with great difficulty," will meet "this day," and the board will lay NG's letters before it.[3]
Letter signed (MiU-C) 2 pp.
    [1.] The board's instructions have not been found; they may have been relayed in person since Long was also in Halifax.
    [2.] Davie was the newly appointed superintendent commissary general of North Carolina. NG had recommended certain powers for Davie in his second letter to the board of 18 December 1780 (PGNG, 6: 598-99).
    [3.] The General Assembly did not convene until 27 January. According to its journal, the house received "letters and papers of a public nature" from Gov. Abner Nash; there is no mention of any from the board of war. (NCSR, 17: 715, 716, 726)