The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To Baron Steuben.

Asks Steuben to aid Col. [Anthony W.] White, the bearer, who is going to Virginia to "endeavour to raise his Regiment."[1] NG has not heard "the mode which the State have adopted" to fill its cavalry regiments.[2] Adds that Baylor's regiment "is also very weak and should be recruited immediately."[3]
Letter signed (NHi) 2 pp.
    [1.] See NG to White, this date (PGNG, 7: 204-205). According to a return of White's regiment of 7 March, 292 officers and men were needed to "complete" the unit. (Steuben Microfilm)
    [2.] Virginia's act to recruit troops for the Continental army did not mention cavalry regiments. (Hening, Statutes, 10: 326-37)
    [3.] Col. George Baylor's regiment, officially known since 1 January as the Third Legionary Corps, was to consist of four mounted and two dismounted "troops," with Virginia providing most of the manpower. (Wright, Continental Army, p. 346)