The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Captain Matthew Ramsey,

Has stationed a "proper person" at Seal's to ride express, as NG ordered.[1] Was "Surprised" that the wagons arrived from camp without hides. "As the Season answers to put them in Tann," Ramsey asks to have hides sent to him in any more wagons that may be coming to Cross Creek. A boat has arrived from Wilmington with 285 bushels of salt; a lack of wagons prevents him from forwarding the supply promptly to camp.[2]
Autograph letter signed (MiU-C) 1 p.
    [1.] See NG to Ramsey, 19 January (PGNG, 7: 147-148).
    [2.] In a letter of 29 January (PGNG, 7: 216), Ramsey sought permission to use the salt.