The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To General Isaac Huger.

Has decided to "form" the army into two brigades, "as well for the facility of manoeuvering as for magnifying" it to the enemy. The Maryland troops, with Col. [Otho] Williams commanding, will comprise one brigade; the Virginia troops, whom Huger will command until a general officer arrives from that state, will form the other. Huger can issue the appropriate orders now or wait until he arrives in camp.[2] He is to consult with Williams and ask all officers to "suspend" disputes concerning rank. NG sends his compliments to Gov. [John] Rutledge.
Transcript (GWG Transcript: CSmH) 1 p.
    [1.] The transcript in the Greene Letter Book, DLC, bears the date 30 January, but the date on the GWG Transcript, 27 January, is consistent with later correspondence.
    [2.] Huger's orders have not been found. He was apparently with Gov. John Rutledge, a short distance from camp.