The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Daniel Morgan


Lord Cornwallis on the 24th Instant Encamped at Ramsowers Mill, with his Main Body on his way from Broad River. His Advance corps Moved Eight Miles farther {this} way In the Night, and returned the Next day to their Main Body. He Still continues at the place. My reason for Not writing you these two Days, was to find out which way they really intended that I might have it in my power to inform you fully.
I am Trying to Collect the Militia, to Make {a Stand at this place. Genl [William L.] Davidson} with {five hundred} Militia two hundred and fifty of which are without flints, I have ordered to Beaties ford. We are filling all the Private fords so as to Make them impasseable.[1] The one that I Lie at I intend to Leave Open. On Lord Cornwallis' approach I thought it advisable to Order all the Prisoners and Stores from Salisbury towards the Moravian Town. I am told they {are gone under a} Weak guard. I wish some of them dont get away.
If the Enemy pursued I ordered them towards Augus{ta} In Virga. Should be glad youll give Orders Res{pec}ting them. I shall Continue to inform you of every {Ma}terial Circumstance.[2] I am a Little Apprehensive, that Lord Cornwallis Intends to Suprise me, lying so Still this day or two, but if the Militia dont Deceive me who I am Obliged to Trust to as guards up and down the River I Think I will put it out of his Power.
If I were Able to ride and see to everything my Self Shou{ld} think myself perfectly Safe, but I am Obliged to lie in a house out of Camp not being able to Engage the Badness of the Weather.[3] Ho[w]ever noth{ing} shall be left undone in my power to secure this part of the country and anoy the enemy as much as possible. I have the Honor {to} be {Sir}

Your obedt and Very Hble servt

Danl Morgan

Autograph letter signed (Greene Papers: DLC). The letter has deteriorated along the margins and at the folds; portions in curly brackets were taken from a GWG Transcript, CSmH.

    [1.] On what was done at the "Private fords" on the Catawba River, see note at Morgan to NG, 29 January (PGNG, 7: 215-216).
    [2.] NG had already ordered the prisoners to be moved. (See NG to Hyrne, 25 January, PGNG, 7: 194.) He sent additional orders to Joseph Marbury concerning the stores that had been moved from Salisbury on 2 February (PGNG, 7: 235).
    [3.] For more on the physical ailments that obliged Morgan "to lie in a house," see his first letter to NG of 24 January (PGNG, 7: 190-191).