The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Colonel Henry Lee, Jr.,

He received NG's letter of 26 January "this day" and one from Colonel Williams, advising Lee that the army had moved to Mask's Ferry, N.C., and ordering him to "join with dispatch."[1] Unhappily, Lee must wait until his cavalry rejoins him on 2 February, but will then move with "utmost celerity." NG's letter suggests "a very extensive movement," with a "correspondent motion" by Lee "at the proper moment." Lee can play his "part of the game" and will render, he believes, "desirable & comprehensive services."[2] Discusses possible routes he can take to join the army. Wishes to hear "fully" from NG; begs him "to cherish the movement" NG has suggested in his letter.
Autograph letter signed (MiU-C) 3 pp.
    [1.] Col. Otho Williams's letter has not been found.
    [2.] Although Williams's letter to Lee (probably written on 29 January) obviously superseded NG's of the 26th (PGNG, 7: 202-204), Lee ended this letter by discussing NG's earlier proposal, virtually ignoring the change in situation and plans. As seen in his next letter of 3 February (PGNG, 7: 247-248), Lee continued to resist orders to rejoin the army.