The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

General Issac Huger To General Alexander Lillington.

"By an Express just arriv'd," NG has ordered Huger to move the army "up the East side of the [Yadkin] river."[1] Lillington is to march his "effective force" to the "Old Trading Ford (or Ellis's Ferry) on the Yadkin." From there, he is to proceed to form a junction with Gen. [Daniel] Morgan's troops. As wagons cannot use the route Lillington is to follow, he should send his "heavy Baggage" to join the army's wagons on the road to Guilford Court House . He is to take salt and as much pork as possible. The remaining stores should be left under a guard and the livestock driven to Guilford Court House by his "unarm'd men."[2] He should "suffer not a moments delay in executing these orders." Huger asks him to send two well-mounted men to serve as express riders, along with a return of "what stores will remain."[3]
Copy (MiU-C) 3 pp.
    [1.] The express had brought NG's letter to Huger of 1 February (PGNG, 7: 231-232); Huger received it the night of 2 February. (See Huger to NG, 3 February, PGNG, 7: 247.) NG's instructions concerning Lillington were in NG to Huger, 30 January (PGNG, 7: 219-221).
    [2.] As seen in NG's letter to Lillington, 19 February (PGNG, 7: 315-316), the hogs that Lillington's men attempted to drive to the army were "lost."
    [3.] Lillington's reply has not been found.