The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

Colonel Otho H. Williams To Major John Mazaret.

"The General" wants the artillery halted and an officer sent to headquarters "to go on extra:service."[1] An artillery company that is with Mazaret is to be completed, given "two Six Pounders," and sent to camp with "Fifty thousand good muskett Cartridges" and the best available horses. Mazaret is to march to Guilford Court House, where he will be given further orders.[2] He may impress horses as needed and "take corn where it is to be had." Williams reminds him that forage becomes more scarce "the farther you go from the rivers." Williams will not "be more particular," as "the General" wants to see Mazaret "this Day if possible." Asks him in a postscript to "forward all the good muskets."
Autograph Copy Signed (MdHi) 2 pp.
    [1.] According to a note in Williams's hand at the bottom of the copy, Mazaret had been "left with the spare artillery and heavy Baggage" when the Southern Army marched "up the Pee Dee" to Mask's Ferry. "The General" was presumably Isaac Huger.
    [2.] NG had given orders to have Mazaret move the army's stores to Guilford Court House. (See NG to Huger, 30 January, PGNG, 7: 219-221.) In the note that he later appended to this letter to Mazaret, Williams added that a decision was made a short time after he wrote the letter not to attempt a crossing of the swollen Pee Dee River at Mask's Ferry; Mazaret was then ordered to march to Hillsborough.