The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Isaac Huger,

NG's letter of 1 February and Maj. [Ichabod] Burnet arrived "last night." The army will march "immediately," and Huger expects to reach Colston's "by 10 O'Clock tomorrow"; anticipates receiving "further instructions" from NG there.[1] He will hasten to "form a junction" with NG, realizing that "every thing depends upon dispatch." Will take two pieces of artillery, but they will be sent away "if they prove an incumbrance," as will "the little baggage reserved for the army." The "heavy baggage and stores" are to "file off" to Guilford; Huger has urged the officer in command "to lose no time as the security of his charge depends upon it." Neither Colonel Smith's regiment—at Haley's Ferry—nor Col. [Henry] Lee's legion—at Port's Ferry, S.C.—marched until "yesterday."[2] The troops at "the mills being releived," Huger left a militia company on "the old ground" to assist Col. [Thomas] Wade.
Autograph Letter (MiU-C) 3 pp.
    [1.] Regarding NG's "further instructions," see note at NG to Huger, 5 February, PGNG, 7: 251.
    [2.] Col. Alexander Lawson Smith's unit was the Maryland State Regiment. (Steuart, Maryland Line, p. 131)