The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Daniel Morgan,

He arrived last evening and sent along the prisoners who were there to "join the main body."[1] Has been "much indisposed," and to add to his "misfortunes," he had been "violently attack'd with the piles"; this leaves him hardly able to ride.[2] He has been promised provisions and forage; when he gets "every thing in as good a train" as possible, he will retire to a safe place and "try {to} recover." Col. [Abraham] Buford, who was unable "to go farther," had to be left along the road to Hillsborough.[3] Morgan adds in a postscript that he has detained a commissary to gather provisions.
Autograph Letter Signed (Greene Papers:DLC) 1 p. The ALS is damaged, and portions were taken from a GWG Transcript, CSmH.
    [1.] The "main body" of British prisoners was on its way to Virginia. (See PGNG, 7: 253.)
    [2.] On Morgan's deteriorating health, see note at his first letter to NG of 24 January, PGNG, 7: 190.
    [3.] As seen in his letter to NG of 24 February, PGNG, 7: 343, Buford recovered sufficiently from his own illness to travel to Virginia.