The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Isaac Huger

Dear Genl

Yours of yesterday directed to me at Bell's Mill, was handed to me here.
I have the pleasure to inform you that the army arrived about 4 OClock yesterday afternoon, and is encamped in the woods, a few hundred yards in the rear of the Court House. Two officers were left upon the ground yesterday morning to collect the lame and straglers: and Colonel Smith who followed our track, and is but a few miles from here, will bring all up with him.[1]
Lt Colonel [Henry] Lee with the cavalry of his Legion is two miles and a half on this side of Bell's Mill. I have thought proper to halt him there 'till he received your orders: as there is a plenty of forage, and he is much nearer Idol's, or Abbot's Creek, than he would be here.
Capt [John] Smith came up yesterday with six hundred shirts, and three hundred pair of shoes in bags—the waggons were halted at Haw River and by some mistake were ordered back to Hillsborough, but I dispatched an Express off immediately to order them here. I suppose they will be in this afternoon: and then we can fix up our waggons with harness.
Colonel Kosciuszko is here. Poor fellow, he run the gauntlope [i.e., gauntlet].[2]
It is too late to halt the baggage, old Mazaret is a pushing officer, and will reach Hillsborough by 10 OClock this morning. He was [but?] fifty miles off two days ago.[3]
Genl Lillington is on his way with three hundred hogs but is very slow in his movements.[4]
Genl Marion has destroyed and brought off the enemy store at Watboo [Wadboo Bridge], within 28 miles of Charles Town and took the guard consisting of 30 british, and two surgeons of the Hospital, and the Genl had advanced to Dorchester 18 miles from Charles Town.[5] I have the honor to be Sir,

your very humbl Servt

Is Huger

N.B. I am informed the people are very happy to see Genl Marion, and numbers join him. I expected Genl Lillington would be here three days ago.
Autograph letter signed (Greene Papers: DLC).
    [1.] As seen at Huger to NG, 3 February (PGNG, 7: 247), Col. Alexander Lawson Smith's regiment had followed Huger's detachment in the march from Mask's Ferry.
    [2.] NG had expressed concern for Col. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's safety in his letter to Huger of 5 February (PGNG, 7: 251-252).
    [3.] NG, in his letter of 7 February (PGNG, 7: 255), had asked Huger to halt the movement of the army's baggage and stores toward Hillsborough. Maj. John Mazaret was the officer in charge of the baggage train. (See Williams to Mazaret, 2 February, PGNG, 7: 235-236.) Later orders, redirecting Mazaret to Hillsborough, have not been found. NG told Col. John Gunby in a letter of this date (PGNG, 7: 256), to be ready to move the stores from there.
    [4.] See Huger to Alexander Lillington, 2 February (PGNG, 7: 235).
    [5.] For more on the attack on the British post at Wadboo Bridge, S.C., see Marion to NG, 31 January (PGNG, 7: 229-230). As noted there, the raid was conducted by one of Marion's officers; Marion himself had not gone south of the Santee River.