The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Chevalier De La Luzerne,

Thanks NG for his letter of 9 January. Although the "details" it contains and those conveyed by General Duportail are "somber," La Luzerne believes they must not be "hidden" and assures NG that he "will use them."[1] Congratulates NG on the victory of "a division" of his army; "It is the most expedient" way to convince the southern states to give NG an army equal to his "designs."[2] Expects much from Maryland's "patriotic decision" to join the confederation.[3]
Letter Signed (MiU-C) 2 pp. The letter is in French; it was translated for the Greene Papers by Eric Deuden.
    [1.] Gen. Louis Duportail had carried NG's letter to La Luzerne.
    [2.] On the victory at Cowpens, see Morgan to NG, 19 January (PGNG, 7: 152-161).
    [3.] Maryland's ratification of the Articles of Confederation is noted at Sharpe to NG, 30 January (PGNG, 7: 223-224).