The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To Colonel Otho H. Williams.

Williams's detachment is to follow the route of the army, "as a division of our force may encourage the enemy to push us further than they will dare to do, if we are together."[2] NG is preparing "for the worst." He has "not slept four hours" since he last saw Williams. Believes a British officer was in camp "the night before last."
Excerpt from Gordon, History, 4: 45.
    [1. ]The excerpt gives only the hour, not the place or the date. According to Gordon, the letter was dated 14 February. (Gordon, History, 4: 45)
    [2.] In his letter of 13 February PGNG, 7: 285-286), Williams had discussed the possibility of keeping his corps in North Carolina while the rest of the army retreated into Virginia.