The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Ezekiel Cornell

Dear Sr

I have the pleasure to acknowledge the recept of your favour of the 29th Ulto. From the present appearances I think it is probable Dr McHenry will soon be promoted in the Army. If not (as I am out of Congress) General Sullivan hath undertaken to get his affair accomplished agreable to your wishes.
I am sorry you are not better prepared to fight then you intimate. There hath a considerable Quantity of stores gone to you from this Quarter and about 2000 Coats[,] 5000 Hunting shirts[,] 2000 Lening Overhauls and some other Cloathing will be ready to go from this place by the last of next week Intended for you.
There hath been a Mutiny in the Pensylvania Line. They were in the huts at Morristown when it began. They killed and wound'd several of their Officers[.] The serjents then took the Command and marched to Princetown where Sr Harry Clinton sent overtures to them, which they despised. The Two persons that Brought the message they delivered to their officers, who have been Hanged as spies. Some of the troops are discharged[,] the remainder furloughed for two months so that the whole is disbanded at present. Sr Harry remains very Quiet in N York. [Benedict] Arnold is in the Domion [Dominion of Virginia]. I trust you will have heard the fate he met with in his excursions, therefore shall make no comments on the affair.
I am now one of the Commissioners of the Board of War, but do not expect to remain there long. Congress is about to put the Boards on a new footing each Branch to be conducted by a minister who are to be great men. The publick expectations are raised high on the Occasion. I hope they may not be disappointed. Whither Congress can vest them with powers sufficient is a doubt with me.
It appears to me the time is not far distant when a new mode of carrying on the War must be adapted. The present one is too expensive unless we had some more regular and effectual mode of raising money for publick use.
General Hand is appointed adjutant genl. Mr Pearce late D P. Genl is pay master general. Dr Shippin hath resigned and Cochran is appointed Director General.
Congress are deeply engaged on Finance Among which Imposts on Imported articles comes under consideration. It is propos[ed] to lay a duty of four pr Cent[.] How it will suit the genius of the several states I will not undertake to say. I will say no more only add one sentiment of my Own which is that the united states as a publick Body are as poor as Job. But their Inhabitants are rich, more so then when the war commenced. While that is the case it is impossible they can be conquered.

I am dear Sir your most ob[ed] Huml Servt

E Cornell

General Varnum is in Congress & tells me he shall write by this conveyance.
Autograph letter signed (RNHi) 3 pp.