The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Lieutenant William Pendergast


There is about eighty bushels Meal now at this Mill which cannot be transported to the Troops on acct of the Bridge which was on Thompson's Creek, being blown down by Yesterday's Storm, & the Creek cannot be Forded, nor do I believe it will be passable 'till to morrow if then. Mr Rodgers says that without the Bridge is immediately repaired the Supplies from his Mill is uncertain for the Army. The Foards are so deep & the Creek almost constantly too high for Waggons to Cross. The party of one corporal and Six Men, who are on fatigue here cannot prepare corn sufficient to keep the Mill in employ. A serjt & Six in addition to them may Suffice to keep it in constant employ as well as guard it against a parcel of lurking Fellows who are in this neighbourhood & do a great deal of mischief frequently to the Inhabitants. They last night Stole all the Smith's Tools out of a Shop within one hundred Yards of the Mill, and am apprehensive from the Character they bear; they will pull down or otherwise destroy the Mill with all the corn very shortly if not guarded, & the party here work too hard in the day time & for some time in the night to mount guard. I am sir With the utmost regard

Your most obedt Humble Servt

Wm Pendergast

P.S. The Creek so high that I cannot possibly get to Camp.
Mr Browne informs me he brought up three hundred bushels Corn within two Miles of the Mills, which I shall endeavour to get hauled to day, altho' the Roads are excessive bad.
Autograph letter signed (MiU-C) 3 pp.