The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Louis L. Duportail

Dear General

We arrived here yesterday, much tired and our horses more: I dont think necessary to inform you in what situation I found the affairs because important happened since the last express sent to you and besides because this letter will accompany others which will give you a better account than I may do. Baron Steuben is at about five and twenty miles from here, so I cannot see him[.] I delivered the letters for him to one of his aide Camp who will send them immediately.
I must confess you the great uneasiness in which I am, in this moment. On a review of all the letters I have, I find only one from you to General Washington, and I thinck you gave me two, one immediately before I set [out?]. I have been sick three or four days in the journey and during my indisposition my servant searched for many things in my portemanteau and I am afraid he has thrown out the letters that was not in any pacquet. I have great apprehension that letter Contains something important and it falls in bad hands. I will be much obliged to you to let me know at Philadelphia, if you had given to me two letters because indeed I am very unhappy on that account.
I am told the governor is at Richmond. I will endeavour to see him and to execute the orders you gave me. I am with great Respect dear general

your most obedient and humble servant


Autograph letter signed (NNPM) 1 p.