The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To Major Edward Giles


Whereas you are intrusted with public dispatches which should be conveyed to Phila as early as possible and Whereas the changing of horses on the road will expedite your journey. Therefore you are hereby authorised & directed to impress such and so many horses as you may find necessary to take the dispatches to Phila in the shortest space of time. You will give the persons certificates for the value of such horses as you may impress and leave instructions with the persons in whose charge you may leave any horses ordering them to keep the horses untill your return. You take a memorandum of the names of the people from whom you impress horses as with whom you leave any and the placees at which they live. If you should not return immediately You will instruct the Qr Master to order some person coming to the Southward to call for the horses and to return them to the persons from whom they were impressed taking up the certificates or to deliver them to the Qr Masters. Given under my hand &c Jan. 25th 1781.

N Greene

Draft (MiU-C) 2 pp.