The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To Major Edmund M. Hyrne


The prisoners of war now at Camp at Salisbury[,] Hillsborough and with General Morgan are all to be sent to Virginia to be securd in such parts of that State as the Governor thereof may direct, and General Stevens is orderd to take charge of them on the March. You are desird before they go off to repair to Salisbury and there take an account of the Officers [and] privates in confinment; and have the whole both officers and privates collected as soon as possible, and held in perfect readiness to be marched off the moment General Stevens arrives to receive them. The officer commanding at Salisbury will assist you in this business. You will have a list made out of all the prisoners of war, specify their Names, rank, time of captivity and Corps to which they belong. A certified copy of the list of prisoners you will furnish General Stevens with. After having taken the necessary measures at Salisbury if the prisoners have not arrivd, capturd on the 17th by General Morgan, you will go on and meet them and hasten their march to that place, taking the same account and furnishing a list as before directed. General Stevens will send a detachment to march the Prisoners at Hillsbo[rough] to join him on his march. You will therefore, before you leave Camp furnish a list of these prisoners and of those in Camp, & send of the former a list on their joining him, that you may know if there is any difference.
You will give orders respecting the subsistence of the Prisoners allowed by the acts of Congress on that subject. The Officers may march on parole and have a parole limiting them to a convenient district when they arrive in Virginia.
Given at Camp January 25th 1781

Nath Greene

Autograph draft signed (MiU-C) 3 pp.