The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To General Edward Stevens


You are desird to take charge of the prisoners of war now at Camp Hillsborough, Salsbury and with General Morgan. Major Hyrne is directed to furnish you with a list at each place, the whole of which you will march to Charlotte in Virginia by the shortest and best route unless you should be otherwise directed by the Governor of that State who is requested to provide for their reception. From Camp you will March to Salisbury to which place the prisoners with General Morgan are directed to be sent, those at Camp you will take with you. The prisoners at Hillsborough you will send a detachment for with orders to meet you on the Roanoke at such place as you may think most convenient for forming a junction of the whole. The privates should be well guarded; but the officers may have their paroles on the March or at least such of them as you may think proper; and the officers may also have their paroles limited to a certain district on their arrival in Virginia. No magizines being laid up on the route you must apply to the County commisioners for provision and forage and take such other measures for furnishing the troops and the prisoners as you may find necessary. Giving proper receipts or certificates for the articles supplyed or taken.
As soon as you have got a list of the prisoners you will dispach an Express to the Governor and let him know your route place of destination and the number of Commisioned Officers and non commisioned officers and privates there will [be] to provide for; and beg his orders thereon. You will give the route and halting places to your Commisary & forage master and keep them always a day or two in front of the Troops that some time may be given for providing for their subsistence. Take every precaution for preventing the prisoners from making their escape and also for preserving good order and regularity among your own troops who are to guard the prisoners until relievd.
Given at Camp Kershaws Creek Pedee January 25th 1781

N Greene

Autograph draft signed (MiU-C) 3 pp.