The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Colonel Alexander Martin of the North Carolina Board of War


Yours of the 17th Instant the Board were honoured with by Express, and are sorry that the Army are not supplied with Salt equal to their Necessities. Colonel Long agreeable to our directions will send off some Waggons to Newbern as soon as possible to relieve you with that Article as also with some Rum and other Necessaries.
We are surprised Mr Amis hath not yet attended you, as he hath received our Orders for that purpose, however Colonel Davie will soon be with you, possessed with the Powers you have recommended, and is only waiting to negociate into Money some Warrants we have obtained from the Governor on the Treasuries, to enable him to carry into Effect, his Appointment.
As the Drafts of the Militia were ordered by His Excellency in the Recess and before the Meeting of the Board at this place, we expected he had given you previous Notice of the Aid intended you, and from what part of the State.
This day the General Assembly meet, convened with great difficulty, when we shall do ourselves the Honour of laying your Letters before them, which contain Matters of the highest Moment, and which call for their immediate Interposition. I am with the highest Esteem and Respect By Order,

Your most Obedient huml Servant

Alex. Martin

Letter signed (MiU-C) 2 pp.