The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Edward Stevens


I intended before I parted with you this evening but it sliped my memory to have inquired whether the Detachment of Malitia that is out with Majr Anderson could not be ordered by Hillsborough to take charge of the Prisoners at that Place. If they conveniently can I think it would be best to do so. As the numbers now with me is but small and a great many of them Invalids, to send a Detachment from them. If the number of Prisoners that I shall receive at Salasbury are any way near what I expect they will be I shall have few men enough to guard them Properly without making the Duty very hard. I shall be glad to have an Answer to this by the return of the Bearer. For if it will be absolutely necessary to send the Detachment to Hillsborough, they will save a considerable distance by being sent off from Hayleys Ferry. If the Detachmt that is out wth Majr Anderson can perform that Service, they may be directed to Join me at Pittsylvania Old Court House in Virga which is about Sixty Five Miles from Hillsborough.

With every sentiment of esteem and respect I am Sir Your very hum: Servt

Edward Stevens

Autograph letter signed (NNPM) 1 p.