The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To General Isaac Huger

Dear Sir

I am of opinion that it will promote the service to form our troops into two brigades, as well for the facility of manoeuvering as for magnifying our force with the enemy, the Maryland troops to form one and Virginia troops the other. The two battallions of Maryland troops to be formed into two regiments, to be joined by the Maryland state regiment. Col. Williams will command the brigade, & you will please to take command of the Virginia troops until a General officer from that state arrives. You will please to have a general order issued for forming those brigades. And as there is great disputes respecting rank in the Virginia line & something still more disagreeable in the Maryland line, you will please to desire all the officers to suspend all matters of this nature for the present, & they may rest assured it shall not operate to their injury in their future standing in the army. However if you are of opinion that it will be best to postpone forming the brigades until you arrive let it be done.
Please to consult with Col. Williams on the subject. I beg my respectful compliments to Governor Rutledge. I am Dear Sir

Your most obedt humble Serv

N Greene

Transcript (GWG Transcript: CSmH) 1 p.