The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To Governor Abner Nash of North Carolina


I have the pleasure to congratulate your Excellency on the agreeable news of the defeat of a detachment of the British Army commanded by Lt Colo Tarlton by the troops under General Morgan.
The General was posted in the fork of Broad River with 300 Infantry, 80 Cavalry and about 500 Volunteers from the four S. States, to cover that Count[r]y. Col. Tarlton was detached with the 1st Batt of the 71st Regt, the 7th Regt, 200 light Infantry, the Infantry of his Legion and 280 Cavalry amounting to near 1200 Men to dislodge him. He came up with and attacked our troops on the morning of the 17th; but was entirly routed and persued more than 20 Miles with the loss only of 12 men killed and about 60 wounded. The Enemy lost 10 Officers & upward of 100 Men killed, 200 wounded and 500 taken prisoners, with 2 F. Pieces, 300 stand of Arms[,] two standards, one travelling forge[,] 35 Waggons[,] 70 Negroe's and 100 Dragoon horses.
This success can only be made important to this Country by a proper improovment of it, which I fear can only be effected by immediately drafting your troops for the war.
I find myself exceedingly distressed for want of some specie. If the treasury will not enable your Excellency to furnish me with £1000 in specie immediately I wish that private credit might be exercised to relieve the Army from their present embarrassments. I have the honor to be

Your Excellency's Most Obedient Humble Servant

N. Greene

Draft (MiU-C) 2 pp.