The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

Colonel Lewis Morris, Jr. to Governor Abner Nash of North Carolina


I have the honor to inform your Excellency that Lt Colonel Lee with the infantry of his legion surprized the Enemy's post at George Town the night of the 24th [and] took the commanding officer, and several other prisoners and killed a great many more. Colonel Lee informs me that last Sunday 300 of the Enemy embarked from Charles Town for Willmington, and Genl Greene who is on his way to Genl Morgan's camp has informed me that Lord Cornwallis and Genl Leslie are advancing to Salisbury and has given me orders to march the army to Masks Ferry. It will move tomorrow morning.
I wish your Excellency would give the Magistrates orders to assist the Quarter Masters and other officers at Willmington to move the public stores from there to Cross Creek, and if the Enemy should land at Willmington we have directed all the Stores at Cross Creek to be moved to Hillsborough, and it will be necessary for your excellency in that case to order a number of waggons to be pressed for that purpose.
Autograph draft (MiU-C) 3 pp.