The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

An Express goes to Cross Creek.
James Fraser to Major Ichabod Burnet


Yours of the 13th Inst I have received. Capt Ryerse begs leave to return his thanks to General Green for the Extention of his Parole to Charles Town untill called for or Exchanged.
You observe that no Exchange in future can take place but with the Officer Commanding to the Southward or with his Commissary of Prisoners. I am exceedingly glad it is thrown into so fair a Channel as it will obviate many Difficulties on the part of your Officers and tend to Shorten the Distresses of Captivity on both Sides.
The third Paragraph of your Letter runs "That the General is Informed that officers who have been Indulgd with Paroles, have merely from a Proposition for an Exchange consider'd themselves as liberated. Such Conduct will be Attended with Consequences that must be disagreeable to both Armies." A reflection so highly Dishonourable on the Characters of Gentlemen who value their reputations induc'd me to Communicate your letter to the Commandant, from whom I have it in Orders to Say it would have been placing a proper Stigma on the Guilty (if any there be) and taking a heavy Charge of [off] the Innocent (as they all feel from the Calumny) to have given the authors of the Information and to have Perticularized Such as have Transgress'd, and untill this does take place (as a most Minute Enquiry has been made into it).
I must beg leave to Say the report is without foundation and Groundless.
General Green's Letter to Genl Scott also the Plan contain'd in it is Suppressd untill Such time as My Lord Cornwallis Shall approve of both being forwarded.

Your Most Hble Servt I am Sir

James Fraser

Letter signed (MiU-C) 2 pp.