The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Captain Matthew Ramsey

Hond Sir

The Commissionars that was Ordred to Establish Magaizeens at the Diffrant posts, has sent down here for Salt and Informs me that the provisheins will enavitabley be Spoil'd if they ware not Imidiatly Supply'd. I apply'd to Doctor Ingram, who has a Large Quantity of public Salt in his possession. He Says he Can't delivr aney without Your Order. I was obleig'd to Send the waggons Empty. The Bearor is the person I have appanted to Ride from Sealins, agreeab[le] to Your Order. If You'l think proper to Give me orders, I will Send as much to Each post as I think will Sav the provishiens. There is more pork comes to the post at Ramseys Mill then was Expected. I have the Honnour to be

Your Most Obedt Servant

Matthew Ramsey

Autograph letter signed (MiU-C) 1 p.