The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To General Thomas Sumter

Dear Sir

I have been so much engaged since Tarlton's defeat that I have not had time to congratulate you upon the success of General Morgan. this war has been more glorious or more timely. As you are acquainted with the particulars I will not trouble you with them. I have this moment recieved the agr[ee]able news of the surprise at Georg[e] Town by Lt Colo Lee. I have not the particulars and therefore cannot gratify you on this point. But I believe it will be a pretty affair and happened very seasonably.
The question is, what is to be done with Lord Cornwallis. He seems to be pushing into the Country with great confidence. Methinks if the Militia could be generally brought out in aid of the Continental Army he might be ruined.
I have the pleasure to hear by Genl Morgan that you are all most well enough to take the field. will afford me greater satisfaction than to see you at the Head of the Militia again and I can assure you I shall take a pleasure in giving you every opportunity to exercise that talent of enterprise which has already rendered you the terror of your enemies and the Idol of your friends
If you are well enough to ride up to Beattys Ford I should be glad to see you there. I wish to consult you upon a particular plan of operations. I am With esteem and regard

Your Most Obedient Humble Servant

Nath Greene

Letter signed (Greene Papers: DLC) 3 pp.