The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Baron Steuben

My Dear General

Lt Colo [Edward] Carrington has so far arrang{ed} his Department as to be able to set out to join you. He will deliver you this, & I cannot he{lp} repeating how much I am oblijed to him for his Assistance during his stay here.
A multiplicity of other affairs has prevented my informing you that Armands co{rps} consisting of # Cavalry & 22 Infantry joined me at Manchester the day the Enemy enterd Richmond[,] chiefly unarmed & without Cloat{hes}. As I had only 40 Militia together at that Time it became necessary to arm these Men & I accordingly orderd Arms to be deliverd to the Infantry on which Eleven of them declared they were Prisoners taken with [Gen. John] Burgoyne & would not fight against the English. I immediately secured the Mutineer{s} who were all Germans & the other Eleven who were Frenchmen consenting to take Arms I made them guard the others. The next day I orderd a Serjt who was {at} the head of the Mutiny to be shot & three to be Whipd, & sent the whole to Charlottesville to remain with the other Prisoners till exchanged.
I armed the Cavalry with Swords & {Pistols} & pressed 14 Horses for so many who were dismounted & formed them into two troops. I have also procured them 30 pair of Boots[,] some Shirts & other essential Articles that they may be able to render some service during the invasion. I am Dr Genl

Your very Obedt servt


Autograph letter signed (Greene Papers: DLC) 2 pp. The ALS is damaged; portions of the letter have been taken from a copy at NHi.