The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Colonel Samuel Hammond
Report to Gen N. Greene

Dear Sir

Under cover herewith, your Excellency will see a copy of Gen. Morgan's order, directed to me, on the evening of the 17th January. In obedience to which, I placed myself with the few men under my command, in front of Lord Cornwallis' army, and paid every attention to their movements that was in my power; looking at them as often as possible, until their arrival at Ramsour's Mills, and have communicated to General Morgan and Col. Pickens their movements to that point. Their heavy baggage was burnt at that place, as I was informed and am authorized to believe. The army moved from there this morning, and from the best information I have been able to obtain, and from my own observation, I am induced to believe they intend to pass Catawba at McGowan's Ford. My command are mostly with Col Pickens, having taken with me on my detachment of observation only twelve men, four of whom have been despatched with communications to General Morgan and Col. Pickens, which I presume have been handed to you. I am pretty certain you may calculate on the approach of the enemy to south margin of the river this evening or early to morrow. My men and their horses are much fatigued and exhausted. We would be glad to have a day of partial rest, if possible, but wait your orders. Be pleased to inform me by the bearer where I may direct to Col. Pickens. I am, with high respect,

your obedient servant.

Samuel Hammond

(A clipping of the newspaper article in which this letter was printed is in the Lyman C. Draper Papers, WHi.)