The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Francis Marion


I recd yourse of 25th Ult: and I have the pleasure of Acquainting you that on the 29th I sent over Santee River two partys of horse of thirty men each one under Majr Postell the other under Captn Postell, the first to burn the Enemys Stores at Colo Thompson the other to burn that at Wadbo [Wadboo] Bridge. The Captn has Effected his Orders with great Spirit & Conduct, at Wadbo was 15 Hhd rum, a quantity of pork, flouer, rice, salt and turpentine. He marched from there to Keith field near Moncks-Corner attacked a British Guard, Killed 2, wounded 3, took and brought off two Surgeons, l Q. Mastr, l waggon master, 7 wagoners, 1 Stewart and 25 noncommissioned offers & privates, of the 7th, 23d, 33d, 63d, & 71st Regiments. He had not one man hurted. He Burnt at Keith field 14 wagons loaded with Soldiers Cloathing & Baggage, 20 hogsheads of rum, & returned with his prisoners yesterday morning. The Major {has} not yett returned[.] I expect him this night & make not the least doubt of his Success.
Col. Lee's retreat to Peede has put it out of my power to attack the post at the Lake, untill I can Collect my Detatchments, which is now coming in. I wrought you in my Last that Col. Watson was gone to Camden; but he halted at Wm Moors about 23 miles from it, & was there three days agoe. By two Deserters from him, he is not to go to Camden but to wait for Lord Rodneys horse, who is to Attack me in rear. If Colo Lees Caveldry is with me I shall be glad to see him, but I beleive he is or will go with you to Dan. However I hope to be able [to] try Col Watson, if his Lordship is not in the way.
The number of horse you mention to cross Santee cannot be done yett untill the river is fallen & then it will take two days to cross. Shoud they be any great opposition, they will not be able to recross that river. The men I beleive woud go with me provided their familys are not Exposed to the Enemy, in their Absents, but if that must be the Case I shoud get but few. However if you think it is nessasery I will cross with one hundred & go to the Soward, where there is a number of men I am sure will Join me. I shall send Captn Snipes over immedeatly to collect the men. When Collected he will Let me know & I then can fix on some Enterprise which may serve as a Diversion to Lord Cornwallis Army who I hear is now going Northwardly. You may Depend on every thing which I can possible do for the good of my country. I have the honour to be

Yr H St

Frans Marion

Autograph letter signed (Greene Papers: DLC) 2 pp.