The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Thomas Sumter

Dr Sr

I am this moment honoured with your favour of the 30th Int.
I am happy to hear of your arival at the Catabaw, and have the Most pleasing hope of your being able to bafle the Designs of Lord Cornwallis. Genl Morgans Victory, over Col Tarlton is Certainly Glourious and Timely, and I think presages the Most happy Consequences. The Success of Col Lee is a favourable Circumstance and will Consequently embarris the enemy. I am Sorrey to Say Genl Morgans information Respecting my Recovery is Rong. I am able to Ride but it is but Slowly. Have a fever by Riding yesterday, but if in my power will Do my Self the pleasure of waiting upon you the Day after tomorrow. I am Dr Sir with the Greatest Respect

your most obd Servt

Thos Sumter

Autograph letter signed (Peter Agnew, Port Washington, N.Y., 1978) 1 p.