The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To General Isaac Huger

Dear Sir

The enemy crossed the Catabaw this morning at McCowens Ford about Seventeen Miles below this a little after break of day. They burnt a great number of their Waggons yesterday and seem to be prepard for forced Marches. The Militia is assembling at Mr David Carrs where I shall remain to Night. I think the Enemy will push for Salisbury and from the rapidity with which they marched on the other side will reach it in a little better than a day especially as we have little force to retard their March. If you have crossed and are in a condition to force a march push for Salisbury. If not recross and come up the other side and if you have not already crossed the River move up on the East side of the Yadkin. To have the baggage and Stores secure is the next great object to the salvation of the troops[;] let them be sent to Guilford notwithstanding the order that was given before for the baggage coming to the ford of the Yadkin near Salisbury. Give orders to the Waggon Master General or commanding officer of the Guard with the baggage & Stores to impress all the horses they may require to hasten the March. Let the officers keep as little baggage with them as possible as they may stand a great chance of loosing it upon forced Marches. Send orders to Lee to move up with his horse and leave his Infantry in the rear to follow. Had we a superiority in horse the Militia would be useful but for want of which the Militia dare not go within Miles of the Enemy. Give orders to Col Wade to have his hogs collected at Rocky River drove off towards Guilford. I am dear Sir

Your most obedt humble Sr

N. Greene

Autograph draft signed (MiU-C) 3 pp.