The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Baron Steuben

Dear General

Yesterday Major Giles handed me your Letter of 14 with its Contents, and I sincerely congratulate you on the fortunate & glorious event it Anounces. Your presence to the southard has hitherto been favord with the smiles of fortune may you my Dr Genl experience a continuance of them. The personal interest I take in every thing that can add to your happiness & Glory is an additional motive for my wishing it.
Mr Arnold still continues at Portsmouth. His incursion into this State Notwithstanding the very weak opposition I have been able to make has not drawn my attention one moment from the great object of reinforcing your Army. Delay was unavoidable[;] it was the natural result of the Confusion that every thing was thrown into.
The second Detachment of 400 Men that I thought to send off the 15 Jany will not possibly be equipped for the March before the 20 Inst. I am determined to move heaven & Earth to get them off if possible & by that time.
I am still fixed for the 10th Inst for assembling the Officers of the Virg Line at Chesterfield & have given orders for relievg those employed in the Militia by State & Supernumeray Officers. Genl Lawson will relieve Genl Mulenberg; Genl Weedon will be obliged to stay some time longer at Fredericksberg to direct some necessary arrangement in that quarter. Having the Officers together I propose fixing on those who are to attend at the places of Rendezvous to receive the Recruits: these I shall instruct & send immediately to their Posts. A field Officer 4 Capts and 14 Subs will go with each Detachment to the southard.
The Cavalry will rendezvous at Petersburg, [where] I shall deliver them their proportion of the Recruits as they come in & take the necessary measures with Government to get them mounted & Equipped. I propose sending them on by Troops of 60--Thirty for each Regiment.
In the same manner I intend to send on the Artillery.
The number of Recruits to be raised in this state added to what they have in the field, from their Returns, will fall deficient at least one fourth of their Quota. The different Corps must consequently bear the same proportion to the numbers originally designd which will reduce the Infantry Regts to 412 instead of 612 & so with the rest.
I believe I have already advised you of my intention to form the 9th Reg at Fort Pitt into 2 Compys & to call all the supernumeray Officers down here. Genl Washington has approved this & I have accordingly given the necessary directions to Cols Broadhead & Gibson.
Agreable to your Orders I have directed Cap Irish to march with his Compy to Bethanie. I am entirely of your Opinion that this Corps weak as it is will render much more service at that place considerg its proximity to you & the number of Arms in that Neghbourhood wanting repair.
I have just reced advice of a movement of the Enemy towards Suffolk tho with what force I dont know. I am just setting off for Cabbin Point but shall not let it prevent my meeting the Officers the 10th at Chesterfield. With the greatest regard I am Dr Genl

Your very hun[m] Servt


Draft (NHi) 4 pp.