The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Major Thomas Blaire


I Received your Note with pleasure[.] You {wrote} in your first Letter to me that you wanted to kn{ow} my Numbers[.] They are But few not Exceeding {22} privets & no horsemen So I think I am not {able} to go to Salam[.] The torrys are two [i.e., too] Numorous. Our {men} is Collecting at Guilford Court House. {I think if} you think proper to Either march {my men to Guilford} and join the malatia or tary here till further {orders}. Sir I am

your Humble Servant

Thomas Blaire

N.B. I have sent an Express to Guilford {to the} Commanding Officer to march the men {Collected under my} Care to me immediately {Sir.}
Autograph letter signed (Greene Papers: DLC) 1 p.