The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

To Doctor William Read

Dear Sir

The enemy are moving up to the Shallow Ford and must be by this at it. It will be necessary therefore for the hospital to cross the Dan River into Virginia, and as it may be difficult for you to communicate with me, you must keep yourself advisd of the enemies motions, and if possible keep the hospital out of their way. Such teams, stores, and supplies, as are necessary for the accomodation of the sick, you will provide in the best manner you can, either by contract or impressments as occasion may require. I receivd your letter on the subject of money and am sorry it is not in my power to comply with it; and therefore you must do the best you can, until a more perfect arrangment can take place.

I am dear Sir your humble Ser

Nath Greene

NB Wilson is gone to Hillsborough to get Coffee & Sugar with authority to impress; if they cannot be had otherwise.
Autograph draft signed (MiU-C) 1 p.