The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From Marquis de Malmedy

Dear general

I have the honour to acquaint you that the assembly has apointed me this morning to the command of 600 Light horse to be raised in the district of Hilsborough, & to meet there the 20th of this month. I beg you would be pleased to forward me instantly your orders at this place. I do not need to Express you how I am anxious to repair to your camp.
Permit me sir to renew my just sense for the recomendation you honoured me with. I shall think myself very happy if I may justify the opinion you gave of me to the assembly.
Is it of my duty, sir, to inform you that there [is] no other provision made for your supplyes but the apointment of colonel Devee [William Davie], as commisary. The bill for raising continental troops has not passed yet; (I hope it will be this day). And unfortunately the opinion of the majority is that Lord Cornwalis has crossed the Catabaw only in order to retake the prisoners of general Morgan.
General Caswel is reapointed to the command in chief of the militia. I have the honour to be with a due respect sir

your most obedient & very humble servant


Autograph letter signed (Greene Papers: DLC) 1 p.