The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

From General Mordecai Gist

Dear General

I had the honor of Addressing you the 19th Ultimo since which the Assembly of this State have rose. The Measures Agreed on for raising their quota of Troops are similar to those contained in a report of A Committee of the House on the Supply Bill mentioned to you in my last. And the Lieuts of the Counties are now Entering upon the Business of Classing the Inhabitants and property.
The Delaware Assembly are About Adopting the Same mode. Save only that their Men are to be raiss'd for the War. Empty Treasurys in those States are great embarrassments to the other part of your requsitions; the execution of Which depends Altogether on the collection of Taxes which I fear will require a considerable time.
The Bill for making up the Depreciation to our line is also enacted into a law. One Commissioner is directed to proceed to Camp to Settle and adjust the Accounts of the Officers and Soldiers to the first of August 1780 and to give Certificates for the Sums due in Specie bearing Interest from that date. Three large manors of land of the confiscated property are set apart in Security for the payment. They have Also Agreed to Accede to the confederacy of the United States, and have given instructions to their Delegates in Congress Accordingly.
Captain Browns Company with four Six pounders and two Waggons of fix'd Ammunition march'd from this place the 12 Inst. I had previously ordered the Clothing and other part of the Stores to proceed under a small guard from his Company and I expect by this time they have reach'd Fredericsburgh. I wish the Captain may Justify his own conduct to you for the detention of his Artillery at this place which was in some measure occasion'd by the Legislature of the State who undertook to countermand the orders given him at head Quarters[.] A copy of their resolve with his Orders from the executive council for this purpose, and Letters on that Subject are herewith inclos'd which I take the Liberty of troubling you with to prevent any misrepresentation that may hereafter be made to you on that head. Some clothing and Stores for the Maryland line will Also come forward with this detachment. That part of the German Regiment accounted for in the quota of this State Amount to 76 men and I expect Captain Lansdale to Arrive with them at this place in a few days.
I believe there is little doubt but we shall be able to raise the Number of recriuts voted for by this State during the Course of next Month, but I fear we shall meet with much difficulty in clothing and equiping them for Camp. I have often represented my fears on this head to the executive power, who say their powers are incompetent for want of Money in the Treasury. They are now making some little provision and I hope the Taxes will be collected to strenghten their hands Adequate to our wants.
The Officers of the State regiment are to be reduced and to receive an extra years pay on retiring[.] Those of the German Regiment retire upon the half pay establishment.
Accept of my Gratulations on the compleat Victory gain'd by General Morgan and believe me that I shall Always feel a secret pleasure in every additional Lustre to the American Arms, under your direction & Command. I have the honor to be with perfect respect & Esteem

Yr mo: Obdt Servt

M Gist

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