The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

Major Ichabod Burnet to John Ingram


I am directed by Genl Greene to request you will deliver to Mr Wm Ramsey provisions equal to five thousand seven hundred and seventy five Continental Dollars and provision equall to 2900 Cont Dollars to Wm Covington in payment for their services in building boats at the Cheraws. The want of money in the Military Chest obliges the Genl to adopt this mode of satisfying these people whose services were important and indispensably necessary. You will act in behalf of the public and see that strict justice is done between the parties & make report to the Genl of your proceedings.

I am Sir Your Humble Servant

I. Burnet

NB The same to Colo Wade in favour of William Gordon for provisions equal to 2300 Continental Dollars, Wm Williams equal to 1840 C. Dollars, Humfrey Rodgers 750 Dollars, Wm Mask 2585 Dollars, Wm Frazier 1050 Dollars, Elisha Parker 750 Dolls., Wm Ratlif 1250 Dolls., Wm Ratlif Junr 841 Dollars.
Autograph draft signed (MiU-C) 1 p.