The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

Alexander Martin (1740-1807)
(portrait -- 104k)

Col. Alexander Martin was the nominal head of the board of war. He had assumed command of the North Carolina Continental brigade during the battle of Germantown in 1777, in which Gen. Francis Nash, Governor Nash's brother, was fatally wounded. A group of North Carolina officers charged Martin with cowardice in that battle. He was exonerated, but some of the line's officers threatened to resign if he were named to replace Francis Nash. A crisis was averted when Martin resigned his commission and returned to North Carolina. (Rankin, N.C. Continentals, pp. 118, 122)... When the Assembly eliminated the board of war early in 1781, Martin was appointed to the council extraordinary... (Smith, "Politics," p. 408)
Excerpted from PGNG 7: 18n.